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NBC Nightly News: Dr. Shirazian comments on how birth control may affect breast cancer risk (December 6, 2017)


CBS News: Dr. Shirazian comments on Zika virus outbreak (January 27, 2016)


CBS News: Interview with Dr. Shirazian on how concerned the U.S. should be about the Zika virus (January 26, 2016)


Today Show: Dr. Shirazian comments on "labor pain" simulator for men. (June 16, 2015)


NY1: Dr. Shirazian is honored as the "New Yorker of the Week" for her global health work as co-founder and president of Saving Mothers. (January 2, 2015)


CBS News: Dr. Shirazian dicusses the importance of continuing to offer pelvic examinations to her patients despite recommendations of the American College of Physicians that the examination should not be offered to asymptomatic women. (July 1, 2014)


CBS News: The important role of the annual pelvic examination in women's health and why Dr. Shirazian offers the exam to her patients. (July 1, 2014)


CBS This Morning: Dr. Shirazian discusses the reasons behind the new recommendations for women regarding the annual pelvic examination from the American College of Physicians. (July 1, 2014)


Today Show: Dr. Shirazian advocates for women's health and the annual pelvic exam on the Today Show. (July 1, 2014)


CBS This Morning: A recent study shows a possible increase in the rates of cervical cancer in certain populations of women. Dr. Shirazian discusses the results with the hosts of CBS This Morning. (May 12, 2014)


CBS This Morning: The results of a study showing that stress may affect a woman's fertility are reviewed by Dr. Shirazian. (March 24, 2014)


CBS This Morning: Dr. Shirazian discusses the use of a newly approved medication for the treatment of symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes. (July 1, 2013)



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